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Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
simple mortar attack. >> seven hours after this started, the problem is that the north africa command that had been started appropriately because of al qaeda's growing influence there in north africa, buzz not located in italy or any place close to north africa. they couldn't get there in time. there was a drone that took pictures but it was unarmed. >> let's bring this to human terms. people like to find somebody responsible. there isn't always somebody responsible. sometimes things break. is it true they were tough in their report, the pickering and mullen report. but in the end are they saying this could have been avoided, really? >> yes, they are. >> if chris stevens wanted to go into a dangerous area, could he have been protected? >> the two phrases that admiral mullen used in the clip that introduced this segment, first there were inadequate sources there. there were requests for more forces. the state department didn't act in a timely way. the bureau which overseas that consulate, that mission, didn't act in a timely way. and the forces were grossly inadequate. an unusual phras
Dec 25, 2012 12:00pm EST
mediterranean, if you have to. and if you have to across the mediterranean, keep fighting from north africa. and a big part of the reason was that the french fleet was a very, very large fleet. many battleships to it was the fourth largest navy in the world. and churchill was very worried that if france was conquered, then hitler would see these the french fleet. and the arithmetic was if you put the german fleet, which was considerable. they had the bismarck coming along, together with the italian fleet which was an ally of the germans and at a considerable fleet in the mediterranean, if you then put that together with the french fleet which was the fourth largest fleet in the world, now you have a navy that was larger than the british fleet. and if that happened, it's a game set and match for britain. they couldn't have controlled the sea lanes to the island. it was going to be over. so churchill implored him to keep fighting because he was worried about the french battleships. but the french army was totally in disarray. very overwhelmingly conquered, and a certain element in france decided i
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
brister were both killed very close to the end of the north africa campaign in april 1943. >> what happened? >> how did they die speak with your uncle. >> well, he was in an isolated position. i went to tunisia to see what the land was like, where they were fighting. this wonderfully interesting and exciting. it's a very broken, dry, rocky, hilly kind of terrain. and any small group of men who was kind of separate from the body of the battalion was very isolated, and user difficult to get, i'm giving away the end of the book. do you think it's a good idea bikes. >> it's up to you. >> i won't go into too much detail. he basically, a sniper killed him. it was kind of under no circumstances. he volunteered to go out with another man to find a can position that had been caring for troops. and in the course of that, there was a guy behind a haystack who just took him out with a rifle, and, unfortunately, he was so far from medical help that he bled to death before he could get the kind of help he needed. >> by 1943 they were fully incorporated into the british army? >> oh, yes. >> and n
Dec 10, 2012 2:30pm PST
egypt, north africa, the middle east, as well as the occupy wall street protest, where people have come out in huge numbers, asking for their civil and political rights, achill -- economic, social, cultural rights. >> being heard often start small. in this kenyan village, the chief uses twitter to communicate with residents. he says it has made the running of the community much smoother. >> i believe that is the best example. we find that those people are the grassroots. those people in the villages, they don't know about technology. they have been suffering. >> it also means his friends back home can follow him on his dirty to geneva, despite the difference -- on his journey to geneva, despite the differences -- distance. >> that's it for "journal." >> find more at see you soon.
Dec 30, 2012 10:30pm PST
university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as peace corps engineer. i worked as an english teacher in morocco two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. since joining the service i spent almost my entire career in middle east and africa. one of the things that impressed me were people old enough to have lived and traveled in the united states when we had closer relations. those days are back. we had 1,700 libyans apply for fullbright grants to study in the united states this year, more than any other country in the world. we know that libya is still recovering from an intense period of conflict. there are many courageous libyans who bear the scars of that battle. we are happy we have been able to treat some of your war wounded at u.s. hospitals. we look forward to building partnerships between american and libyan hospitals to help return libya's healthcare system to the extraordinary standards of excellence it once enjoyed. over my shoulder here you can see the u.s. capitol building. in that building 535 elected representatives from every corne
Dec 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
that even if budgets are tight, europe needs to do more. >> fugitives from north africa headed for europe. the eu cozy for the agencyhas discovered the boat, but it does not mean they will provide assistance. many vessels are forced to turn around, and many could die. amnesty international criticizes the actions. >> they need to respect human rights more. time and again, people die because they are trying to reach a europe with boats that are not seaworthy. there is no cooperation between the states, but this would also be a task force context, but human rights violations are also taking place within the european union. despite anti-discrimination laws, they have little access to education or public services in several european countries. >> we need more than just words from the e you. brussels can launch proceedings over treaty violations and holds member states to account this way and other areas, but so far, not over discrimination a menorahs. >> amnesty international nevertheless concludes that the you deserves the nobel peace prize for its peace-building policies over the past
Dec 31, 2012 11:00am PST
the mideast and north africa for next week. >>> doing a good deed while getting a tax break. how you can help your bay area neighbors in need and snag freebies. >>> partying in the land downunder. we'll show you >>> there's a new year's eve party already underway and you're invited. designed to get you a tax write-off and other goodies for helping bay area neighbors in need. amy hollyfield is live at goodwill on mission street. >> reporter: here's something you don't see everyday. police officers are here having to direct traffic at the goodwill, because there are so many people here who just want to give. has become as much of a tradition as a champagne toast. people showing up on new year's eve to give to the goodwill. >> it is off the charts. we have hundreds and hundreds of people today, usually long lines down the seat, down mission street. -- down the street, down mission street. >> reporter: for the first time goodwill decided to turn the day into a celebration, giving away snacks, movie tickets, tickets to the zoo. >> i heard the advertisement and thought it would be good
Dec 25, 2012 4:00pm PST
pope put it. referring to the arab spring, the pontiff said the countries of north africa are experiencing a major transition in pursuit of a new future. benedict prayed for the return of peace to many parts of africa, where violence has become the norm. he prayed for peace in mali, harmony in nigeria and fighting in the congo. he prayed for leaders to carry out their commitments to fighting organized crime. the pope also asked for blessings on the new chinese leadership, hoping they will allow the noble chinese people, as he put it, to build a more fraternal society, allowing religions to make their contribution. the vatican's relations with beijing reached a new low earlier this year with the detention by chinese authorities of a new roman catholic bishop of shanghai, which had previously than approved. he gave his blessing in 65 languages. [cheers and applause] >> although he sometimes walks with a stick and is tushed on a traveling platform to save his strength when he fish yates at masses, pope benedict wears his 85 years relatively well. at times his voice may be slightl
Dec 2, 2012 6:00pm PST
all of north africa and the middle east. we have lost all of our allies and the region, we have the muslim brotherhood in control of egypt, and hamas is on the rise, iran is four years closer to acquiring a nuclear weapon, no evidence of iran's isolation at all. and they just had a meeting of the -- 120 countries, heads of state, showed up to tehran, and we pretend that iran is isolated. we're talking, successes? >> i am disappointed that this president has not started a war with iran. [laughter] we are in the post-arab spring. andn't know who are the us who are the them and i am not sure anybody dies. -- does. we are going through the birth of democracy in these places -- >> or not. >> or not, and it will be painful and difficult. the united states does have control. there is not the united states answer to everything. we have influence, and that influence has been expended, i think wisely. >> there is a question as to how bellicose, how "muscular" you want to be in confronting what you view -- >> birth of democracy in the middle east in the week that the egyptian president declare
Dec 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
deepen economic ties with the oil-rich former french colony in north africa. >> enthusiastic crowds greeted the french president as he walked the streets of the capital algiers. despite his security, many onlookers even got a chance to shake hollande's hand, seemed unconcerned by the bitter history between algeria and france. hollande won repeated applause for his speech to the algerian parliament. he did not apologize for france's actions, but he did acknowledge the brutal nature of colonial rule. >> for over 133 years, algeria was subjected to a profoundly unjust and global system -- brutal system. this system has a name. it is colonialism, and i recognize the suffering that it inflicted on the algerian people. >> hollande and the algerian president have signed a declaration of friendship and cooperation. it lays the groundwork for closer economic cooperation. investment from france is welcome in algeria. french carmaker renault's as it is drawing up plans to build a new plant in the country -- french car maker reynaud says -- french car maker renault says it is drawing up plans t
Dec 31, 2012 11:30am PST
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Dec 21, 2012 5:30am PST
north africa, so for both tripoli and benghazi, it will be cloudy, the chance of some showers. 19 degrees in cairo as a maximum. along the coast, for the west, whitely dryer -- likely dryer. solutions for america, friday, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific. >> hello again. top stories on al jazeera, at least 30 people have been killed in southeastern kenya. the deaths in the delta region have been blamed on fighting between the orma and pokomo tribes. the first round of the draft for the egyptian constitution is planned for friday. u.s. president barack obama says he will work with congress to avert spending cuts and tax hikes in the new year. where republicans budget bill to avert the -- a republican budget bill to avert hit the fiscal cliff was killed in the house. 20 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in sri lanka. 14 people are missing. tens of thousands of people have been affected. more now from miguel fernandez. >> the worst destruction seen in the center province of sri lanka. behind me, this was washed down by a wall of mud a few days ago. five of th
Dec 14, 2012 2:30am PST
around the middle east and north africa that enveloped our embassies. she had to deal with the loss of our four colleagues in benghazi. and console the whole state department, greet the families and the bodies. and she declined to do it. and i was asked by the white house if i would do it as the next senior american diplomat. we were talking about a range of issues that week. it wasn't just benghazi as you'll recall. it was a broad spectrum of foreign policy and national security issues that i talk about publicly every day. so i was asked, i was willing to do so. it wasn't what i had planned for that weekend originally but i don't regret doing that, brian. i think when you're a diplomat and a public official and a tragedy happens and it is related to the work that you do, it's our obligation to try to explain it as best we can to the american people. that's what i did. >> last night, president obama says rice would remain a close member of his national security team. >> susan's going to continue to be an outstanding u.s. ambassador to the united nations. i hadn't made a decision about
Nov 30, 2012 6:30pm PST
sub-saharan africa. in some areas, hiv is a growing threat. in eastern europe, central asia and north africa, infection rates are going up since public discussion of the issue is virtually nonexistent. high risk groups such as drug addicts are ostracized. aids remains a political issue. as long as governments around the world deny the disease and its causes, it will continue to spread. >> kenya is among the countries in africa that have experienced a dramatic fall in the number of deaths resulting from hiv/aids. >> a decade ago, the prevalence rate was close of 15%. it is now at about 6.5%, but that is still high by international standards, and that is not only what prevention wants to change, but treatment is also extremely important. >> here is one german company that is making a difference not only in kenya but all over africa. >> rowland has been to kenya many times, but this is his first visit to the slum in nairobi. around 90,000 people live here. medicine is scarce, and there are only 20 basic doctor surgery to treat those with hiv. is the head of the biotech company that does
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
of the rest of north africa. on these sides there's a lot of mistrust. there's a lot of anger. there's a lot of suspicion. i would even call it paranoia on the part of each side. there doesn't seem to be a lot of like a lot of common ground between these two sides. on the other hand, there might be some kind of resolution to this if the liberal forces are able to get their act together politically and field a credible field of candidates for upcoming parliamentary elections and are able to exert their own will and amend this constitution that they seem to despise so much. >> suarez: meanwhile the constitutional referendum is approaching amid calls for a boycott, amid judges saying they won't oversee the election. is is this thing going to come off, and is it going to give a result that's not ambiguous? >> yeah, i think the absence of the judges is going to really harm the credibility and the transparency of the whole process. who will vouch to the public that the elections were free and fair? i think it's going to... whatever the outcome of the election, the losing side can cr
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
countries to battle extreme and submit a backdrop of widespread in surge in violence across north africa. the teams will not be permitted to conduct military operations without permission from the defense secretary. >> the egyptian opposition is calling for an investigation into allegations of voter fraud into this weekend's referendum for a constitution. the moslem brotherhood says it passed with a 64% positive vote but only 32% of eligible voters turned out. the brotherhood says any election violations were limited and should not affect the referendum's integrity british3 prosecutors are debating whether to file charges against two australian dj's. >> they posed as queen elizabeth and prince charles and obtained private details about kate middleton's condition in hospital. the nurse who took the call was later found dead and it is believed to kill yourself and the dj's taken off the air. >>the duke and duchess of cambridge will spend christmas with kate's parents. they normally spend christmas at the royal estate. prince william and cable stop by some point during the week. a florida restau
Dec 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
at egypt's request until the political crisis abates. i'm joined by the middle east and north africa correspondent for the financial times. welcome to the program. just a w days aft predent morsi asked the army to restore peace to the streets of egypt, the head of the military has called for national reconciliation dialogue. what's going on? >> well, there's a couple different possibilities. one is that you're seeing a little bit of the army reentering the scene. viewers may recall that just a few months ago, president morsi made a dramatic move against the army and got them somewhat out of politics. at least visibly. on the other hand, this could also be sethi that msi himself had suggested in an attempt to ease tensions, to bring the opposition to the table. so far morsi has said that he will attend these talks tomorrow afternoon, but the opposition says they're still debating. >> suarez: the face-offs between pro morsi and anti-morsi forces on the streets of the country seem to be escalating. have we reached a point of no return? can these two groups even talk to each other any longer? >> you r
Dec 19, 2012 1:00am EST
middle east and north africa have added complications to this picture. in mali, the islamists are tending to is -- consolidate their safe haven. and the subsequent rebellion with weapons from a libyan stocks in bamako have brought and stability. -- has brought instability. we can -- weakened domestic security institutions and civil strife create the kind of environment that terrorists are drawn to. libya has provided one such case where extremists can cause real problems for states undergoing difficult transitions. another example is syria. buckeye that and iraq six to establish there are working to hijack to suit their own extremist needs. last week we designated as an alias of aqi, already listed as a foreign terrorist organization. as they try to wrap themselves in the legitimacy of the -- to add to this list of challenges and to west africa, the factions continue to carry out attacks in nigeria and win recruits and public sympathy. the number and sophistication of the attacks has increased while the group focuses principally on local ledger in issues, there are reports it is d
Dec 7, 2012 3:00pm PST
, france, asia minor, north africa and egypt. transportation expert ross hassig. it was closer is terms of the cost of transportation to get to egypt than it was to get a hundred miles inland in italy. you couldn't bring food from a hundred miles inland to rome, because even with carts, even with oxen, it simply cost too much. so rome was able to tap into the production of other areas because it was able to use ships where the cost of transportation was extremely low. keach: but roman seagoing merchant ships carrying upwards of a thousand tons were too large to navigate the tiber river, so cargos were unloaded onto smaller vessels downriver at the port city of ostia. ostia was once a bustling commercial city, with shops and restaurants... villas and apartment houses for merchants and shippers... theaters, parks and enormous warehouses crammed with every possible commodity. archaeologist amanda claridge. it's clear that the merchants, the many, many thousands of people involved in the supply of the city of rome who did base themselves in ostia -- all the transient ships' captains a
Dec 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
through north africa and reaching as far west as spain. to the east, it encompassed egypt, turkey, greece, and palestine, where jesus was born in the jewish land of judea, then ruled by king herod. >> in judea, the king, herod, was in effect a client king. he ruled almost in place of rome. he was the... he was the voice of rome, the instrument of rome, probably "instrument of rome" is best in that, because he... he had his own independent notions certainly. >> herod the great was probably one of the greatest kings of the post-biblical period in israel, but you wouldn't want your daughter to date him. he was ambitious, brutal, extremely successful. >> and it is one of the real untold ironies of jewish history that this man, who... who's the guy you love to hate in jewish history, really, leaves the most indelible mark on the face of the land of israel. >> it appears that herod thought of jerusalem as his showpiece. he really wanted to make it a place where people would come, just as people would have gone to athens, or rome, or the great cities of the mediterranean world. >> narrator: a me
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Dec 19, 2012 3:00pm PST
broadly a complete sort of lack of understanding what was happening in the region; which was, north africa becoming infiltrated by al-qaeda. extremely insecure area. and they ended up doing nothing. the real question for the secretary of state is where were you when it was going on in real time? what were your ordinarys? but she is suffering from acute benghazi allergy, causing lightheadedness when she hears the word "benghazi" or is asked about it. tomorrow we hear if her deputy, but the but question of her responsibility, ostensibly she has taken in public is open and troubling. >> bret: they canceled the state department briefing today. no white house briefing today. the president was not asked about the benghazi report today. so we'll see what happens on capitol hill tomorrow. >> yes. well, it's interesting that that report you could have known all that if you watched this show. so funny they had to do an investigation to figure all of that out. they found nobody needed to be disciplined which is interes interesting. somebody today said mistakes were made but nobody made them. c
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am PST
and fell this month. she has been forced to cancel a trip to the me east and north africa plans for next week -- a spokesperson would not say where the clot is located. >>> people in several parts of the u.s. facing dangerous driving conditions because of a snow storm producing strong winds and freezing temperatures. crews plowed roads while homeowners cleared several inches of snow in new england thisz/7tÑ past weekend. joggers braved the snow boston. other folks stocked up on supplies. >> are you ready for snow? >> i don't even know what's coming we'll just deal with it. >> take it within step at a time? >> yeah >> do you like snow -- it is okay, new england what are you going to do? >> that's right. that's the sound of powerful winds ripping through arlington county, virginia. the gusts shredded plastic sheeting that covered a highrise unconstruction. >> that's new england. we get to say, it's california, what are you gonna do, the sun is going to come out. >> not to rub it in. >> exactly. nice day to be out today. nice day tomorrow, the next day, the next day. >> we deserve it
Dec 25, 2012 6:00pm PST
shed, easier access for relief to the displaced. >>> the pope also called for peace in north africa and between israelis and palestinians. just today, israelis approved the construction of another 1200 housing units for a construction on the west bank >>> more than 7600 new unwrapped gifts were delivered. firefighters drove around the city and delivered those toys. the toy drive wrapped up at 2:00 this morning >>> most people would rather be anywhere rather than anywhere but not nancy ray. this postal worker is carrying out a decades old san jose tradition by delivering express mail on christmas day. not just anyone can be one of santa's post-office helpers. you have to pay your dues first. >> i have been wanting to be santa on christmas day ever since i started with the postal service. and you need a lot of seniority to be able to be picked. >> reporter: ray has been with the san jose post office for 28 years. this is her third season delivering packages on christmas. >>> a berkeley fiction writer, the winner of the first ever writing contest. the magazine has been trying to change its
Dec 19, 2012 6:00am EST
an example of western domination, colonialism and the like. if you look in yemen and north africa and southeast asia where people have strong feelings about the conflict, still, you would find, if you had enough social sciences, that that was not what was attracting people to terror. the reason i think that is important is that it is vitally necessary that we continue to pursue all the things we are doing in counter-terrorism, what ever happens to the peace process. i think there is an awful lot of containment, management, and to ammunition of the threat to that we can achieve -- dimunition of the threat regardless of what happens between the israelis and palestinians. we all have concerns about security in that region but i don't think that ought to condition our counter is -- our counter-terrorism policies. >> you mentioned the global counter-terrorism forum. this organization is on the goal of reducing vulnerability for people everywhere. too violent extremism. is israel still excluded from this or are there plans to include them in the future? >> this issue was on the agenda in th
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Dec 15, 2012 10:00am PST
that was to take her to north africa and the mideast due to the illness that led to her injury this week. clinton has been suffering from what aides have been describing as a vicious can stomach virus. and the cancellation of the trip is unusual for the 65-year-old, logged more miles than any other secretary of state. and the deputy secretary of state said in a statement today and i quote, while suffering from a stomach virus, she became dehydrated and sustained a concussion, she's recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly. and she'll be working from home and staying in contact with department and other officials and looking forward to being back in the office soon. earlier this week, reporters at the state department press briefing cautioned departments spokeswoman victoria newlands around the world when she mentioned offhandedly that the secretary was quote, really, very ill. >> she's got a -- a very uncomfortable stomach virus. any of you ever had a stomach virus knows that that is not comfortable. >>, but it's not life threatening. >> it is not, it is not. i
Dec 17, 2012 7:15am EST
ranger battalion, a girl who was the number one commander had fought in north africa, and one of the most poignant things he had was, i had never come so close being either killed or captured that my. he was convinced that that was what was going to happen. the germans will relentlessly counter attacking. from pointe du hoc, the men of dog company held. they been thought through the rest of europe. and as they fought through europe, the next place they were at was a place called brett. there was a coastal fort, a major port. allies needed to resupply their forces. they needed a harbor. the only problem was there was another gun position. and like pointe du hoc, it was a suicide mission. something called the locust battery. the locust battery had massive battleship sized guns that were buried mostly the entire fortress buried underground. picture a four-story building, fortress, that had been buried underground. there were elevators going down this thing. .. >> the men described to me how the shells came over like freight trains. the shells could destroy an spire hedge row, a small mound o
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
skipping an overseas trip to north africa and the persian gulf because of the illness. now we're being told she will miss a congressional hearing on the attack on the consulate in libya. doctors now keeping an eye on her until she fully recovers. ed henry working his story again tonight more developments from ed as we get them here. now to a shocking story out of oklahoma. on the same day connecticut was torn apart by this tragedy, another school shooting plot there was foiled. police arresting eight-year-old sammy chavez early on friday morning. they say he was planning to kill classmates at barterersville high school a small found 50 miles north of tulsa, oklahoma. officials saying chavez tried to convince other students to help him lure kids into the school's auditorium, chain the door shut and start shooting. local reports say he even threatened to kill classmates who did not help and that he was going to set off bombs as police arrived. he's being held on a million dollars bond there in oklahoma. >>> we watched the latest here from newtown and we have learned a lot more throughout
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
great. but as everyone here knows the events from the middle east and north africa have added a lot of complainingses to the picture. in mali -- are tempting to consolidate their safe haven. the return of exile fighters from the ranks gadhafi's army bads chris stevens and three others in tripoli on -- benghazi on september 11th. weak -- especially civil strife create exactly the kind of environment that terrorist are drawn to. libya's provided one such case where extremist can cause real problems for states undergoing difficult transitions to the democracy. another example is syria. there al qaeda in iraq seeks to establish a long-term dream. by fighting alongside the syrian opposition groups the members are working to hijack the longer struggle to suit their own extremist needs. last week we designated on the front of the ail yes, sir of aca i which is already listed as a foreign terrorist terrorist organization. as they try to wrap themselves in the legitimate sei of the we called it a warning to support the opposition to the syrian people and not help the terrorist group. to add
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Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
asians are always victims of totalitarianism. imagine if north korea was africa. if there was a north korean government in africa we would bomb them. we would go on a humanitarian mission to remove that government. >>- q. i are you sure? >> i am telling you. >> most of the time we like to ignore africa. >> there would be an outcry for the u.n to get involved if there were black africans being treated the way -- >> i get your point. >> there would be world outcry. >> i get his point. >> i made a really good point. >> you did, but i am trying to move on. so they claim they launched the weather satellite that is now barreling out of control and headed toward canada or wherever. should we take them at their word that this is a weather satellite? >> because they never tried to deceive us in the past? it is clear they are trying to work toward a nuke clear weapon here. a nuclear weapon. it is another step closer. if they are sending up the red flag this is something we should be paying attention to, i would rather listen to them than random skeptics that would say it is just a weather satel
FOX News
Dec 1, 2012 9:00pm PST
terrorism in north africa and will most certainlily get questions about whether the m military could hae done moreon about the benghazi attacks on 9/11. judge, back you to. >> all right. >>> the questions about susan rice don't end there. in 1998 rice was assistant secretary of state for african affairs when the u.s. embassies were bombed. just like benghazi, additional security requests were made before the attacks and were denied. with me now is edith bartley whose father and brother were both killed in the 1998 embassy edith, thank you so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you fo for having me. >> our condolences to you for the loss of your brother and your father. i understand that your father was counsel general at the embassy, and your brother was in college at the time and was an intern serving at the embassy. >>g correct. >> in the 14 years since this has happened, edith, you have fought for the families of diplomats and hope that the department of state would be able to provide more protection for these diplomats. has anything happened as a result of you
FOX News
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm PST
fox news contributor and expert in the middle east and north africa. good to see you. it feels like he has blinked for the moment. i don't know what five minutes from now brings but right now he is moving. >>guest: he has come to his senses to the point where if he does not bend a bit just to show in good faith to the people of egypt he can be a potential leader if them, the people of egypt, look at the situation. they feel duped. they paveed the way and they want add secular, the permanent at tahrir square, they are thinking, we paveed the way and we have an islamist dictator. we had a dictator and we traded him for another type of dictator. it does not fit the patchwork of the diverse egyptian people and they will be in revolutionary mode until they can come to a compromise. it seems morsi lost his first chance at compromise when he made the power grab and now he has to totally step back if he has hope of compromising with the people. >>shepard: i wondered, there was a time if he made them part of the government it would have worked but now if he goes to the opposition and says join
Dec 31, 2012 3:00am PST
weeks. she was forced to cancel a trip to north africa and was unable to testify at a hearing on capitol hill regarding the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she had been expected to return to work this week. clinton's spokesman said in a statement, her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion. they will determine if any further action is required. israel cornell is the director of neuro surgery at northern westchester hospital. he's not treating clinton but said her prognosis should be good. >> with time and with the medication, the clot itself will dissolve and won't cause a clot into the lung. it will recover -- some of the hazards will recover fully. >> reporter: clinton is expected to be at the hospital for 48 hours being treated with anticoagulants. kristen thorn, abc news, new york. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. >> and some are speculating that she may have a deep vain thrombosis. >> she had that before. >> if they are keeping her in the hospital for 48 hours and she's on anti-coagulants, you know, your mind star
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 12:00pm PST
was to take her to north africa and mideast. clinton has been suffering what aides have been describing as a vicious stomach virus. cancellation of the trip was unusual for the vigorous 65 years old that logged more flight miles than any secretary of state. assistant secretary of state said in a statement ironed todd, i quote, while suffering from a stomach virus, secretary clinton became dehydrated and fainted. she has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors. at their recommendation she will continue to work from home staying in regular contact with officials. she is looking forward being back into the office soon. earlier this week reporters cautioned department spokeswoman about the headlines around the world she would create when she first mentioned that the secretary was, quote, really very ill. >> she has a very uncomfortable stomach virus. in any of you know that is not comfortable. >> it is not life-threatening. >> it is not. it is not life-threatening. >> she has not been working. she is trying to recover. >> reporter: with
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am PST
with the protests around the middle east and north africa. i was asked, i was willing to do so. it wasn't what i had planned for that weekend originally. but i don't regret doing that, brian. >> there was also a daily trickle of negative story on rice's investments, vetting her past roles in the government, and the campaign that the white house never really deftd her against. 20% view her positively, 24% negatively. in a "washington post" op-ed this morning. rice writes this, in recent weeks new lines of attack have been raised to mall line my character and my career even before i was nominated for any new position. a steady drip of manufactured charges presented a -- rice isn't going anywhere, and by hangeding this gracefully, she may re-emerge when another job comes up. which is not going to be america's top diplomat. >> did you want the job? >> i would have been very honored to serve in that job, just as i'm delighted to do what time doing. but yes, sure, how can you not want to, in my field, serve at the highest possible level? >> thursday night, on our nbc affiliate in sacrame
Dec 19, 2012 7:30am EST
throughout the middle east and in countries like mali, north africa. it remains determined to attack the united states. and it remains one of the serious threats that we must deal with. north korea, iran, continued to pose a proliferation threat and are engaged in activities that are destabilizing northeast asia and the middle east. the conflict in syria is bringing a violent and to a regime that harbors a large stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and extremists seek to destabilize a nuclear-armed pakistan. increasing military spending by rising powers, the asia-pacific region and turmoil across the middle east and north africa are altering the strategic landscape. at the same time, the nature of military conflict is changing. because of the new technologies like cyber, the proliferation of missiles and wmd. we are seeing potential adversaries, state and nonstate actors alike acquire more advanced, hybrid and high-end capabilities designed to frustrate conventional advantages of our armed forces. this means that the military services must remain vigilant. they must remain st
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